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Central Park Smoke
AcupunctureChinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Medicine Lung Health for Poor Air Quality

Nourishing Your Lungs during an Extreme Poor Air Quality Event By Erin Kennedy   How can you take care of your lungs while smoke envelopes …

Magnolia Flowers in bloom on the tree with an overall warm tone to the photo
AcupunctureChinese herbal medicine

Chinese Herbs At Your NYC Doorstep (Part 1)

Chinese Herbs At Your NYC Doorstep (Part 1)   What if you could stroll around New York City and pick your own Chinese medicinal herbs? …

Acupuncturebone broth

Bone Broths: Part 2 (Recipes!)

My husband and I have different approaches to broth. His passion for broth is all about flavor. My passion for broth is all about the …

Bone broths for nutritional health
Acupuncturebone broth

Bone Broths: Part 1

There’s a saying in Chinese Medicine about “one disease, many cures; many diseases, one cure.” While there is no single panacea, one of our most …

traditional chinese medicine nutrition - grains
breakfast foodbreakfast ideas

Food for Health & Healing: 3 Nourishing Breakfasts

In Traditional Chinese medicine, we embrace the idea that food promotes health and healing. Breakfast is one of the most significant meals of the day. …

AutumnEating for the season

Eating For the Autumn Season: Walnuts & More

With autumn well underway, it is important to eat for the season – walnuts are one of our favorite ways to do so. In Traditional …

summer drinks
Food & Nutritionhealthy eating

6 Tips for Healthy Summer Eating According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Marked by the Summer Solstice, summer is officially upon us and we have certainly been feeling the heat here in New York City. With this …

traditional chinese medicine winter eating tips
Chinese Herbal MedicineEating for the season

6 Tips for Healthy Winter Eating According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Looking for some Traditional Chinese Medicine tips on what to eat this winter? Read on! With winter solstice behind us, it is safe to say …

millet congee
Chinese Herbal MedicineCongee

Millet Congee with Shiitake Mushrooms and Kabocha Squash

As we pass the winter solstice, what better way to prepare for the colder weather than through a warming and nourishing bowl of congee?     Congee …

COVID-19: Chinese Medicine Insights
Chinese MedicineCorona virus

COVID-19: Chinese Medicine Insights and Recommendations

Like you, we are also closely keeping abreast of the developments of the coronavirus both locally and abroad. Although COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus, traditional …

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