Our Approach

Why Choose Five Seasons?

Whether you just need a tune-up or you have been suffering from a chronic ailment for years, we can meet you wherever you are and offer the care you need.
Under our expert guidance, Chinese medicine is a powerful modality with precise diagnostics that can understand the mechanism behind your symptoms and heal a multitude of conditions. We take pride in the tools in our toolbox and know how to use them effectively.
We want to do more than just put a bandaid on your problem. We’ll work with you to create an action plan so you can achieve your highest expression of health and keep it there.

The medical and wellness landscape can be overwhelming. From diets and detoxes to meditation and movement, we’ve seen it all. In addition to our Chinese medicine expertise, we’ll help you determine what other forms of care to incorporate and connect you to our network of healthcare experts. We straddle both the Eastern and Western medicine worlds to help choose the modalities and specialists that will work best for you.

The Benefits of Five Seasons Care

Your body is naturally inclined towards healing. We use Chinese medicine tools to spark your body’s healing potential so your body can hear the message and take over from there.
Our holistic approach treats the body, mind and spirit as an interconnected whole rather than just a collection of isolated symptoms. We believe that holistic care is the essential path to the most potent and sustainable change.
Getting healthy and staying healthy doesn’t need to be a chore. Together, let us identify your wellness goals and we’ll get you there with ease.

Our pain or discomforts can be life-changing opportunities. We can help turn your struggles into breakthroughs.