Other Modalities

Sometimes your body needs more than acupuncture. We use additional tools to achieve the best results.


Moxibustion is a heat therapy in which the herb, mugwort, is used to warm the body. Moxibustion can be an invaluable tool to help warm areas in order to promote movement and to clear away stagnation of qi, blood and fluids. Moxibustion promotes greater physiological functioning and eases pain.


Cupping is a dispersive therapy where glass cups suction to areas of the body to disperse accumulations of blood, qi, and heat or loosen up phlegm in the lungs. Cupping is great for spasmed and tight muscles and other pain conditions.


Guasha is the gentle rubbing of the smooth edge of a porcelain or stone instrument against the skin. This technique breaks up blockages and impurities in the superficial blood vessels, restores proper blood circulation, and clears away heat and inflammation. Guasha can offer great relief to tense and contracted soft tissue.


Tuina, or Chinese medical massage, is an essential component to many sports injuries and chronic pain conditions. Not only can tuina relax muscle tissue and re-align bones, it can help to promote qi, blood, and fluid circulation, reduce swelling and relieve muscle spasms. When appropriate, tuina is incorporated into the regular acupuncture treatment to help diminish pain and speed up recovery.