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Recognize this familiar face? Jayne was our beloved office manager for Five Seasons while she finished graduate school, and we are thrilled to re-welcome Jayne Whitman back to the Five Seasons family as a licensed acupuncturist! Jayne has been busy working in various high-volume clinics around the city this year.  In addition to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, she’s offering the very popular and effective treatment option: Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. Read on to learn what inspires Jayne’s interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and how facial acupuncture will be a game-changer this season.

Q&A with Jayne W.


Q: What piqued your interest in Eastern medicine?

I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and my doctor suggested I try acupuncture to help manage my symptoms. I wound up finding an incredible acupuncturist and was fascinated by the medicine. The rest is history!

Q: Do you have a belief, mission, and/or philosophy related to health and wellness?

My ultimate mission as a Chinese medicine practitioner is to provide a space for people to feel safe, heard, cared for, and comforted. When we are going through challenging times or dealing with discomfort, whether physical or emotional, I believe that it can make all the difference to know that there is someone in your corner who is there to walk by your side and help you get to the root of the disharmony.

Q: Aside from your profession, how has Eastern medicine changed your life?

Eastern medicine has had an enormous impact on my life. Chinese herbal medicine plays a huge role in helping me to recover from Lyme flare-ups, and being able to turn to acupuncture for help managing symptoms is always such a comforting thing for me. Eastern medicine in general has changed the way I view the world and all of the people in it.

Q: What is your background prior to being a practitioner?

I studied Art History and Fine Arts before going back to school to earn my Masters of Science in Acupuncture. I believe that acupuncture is a form of art in its own way!

Q: Do you have any specializations and/or prior clinical experience?

 I am a general practitioner, with a focus on facial rejuvenation, chronic illness, mental/emotional health, sleep disorders, and fatigue, but I welcome any and all patients into my care.

Q: Could you share an awesome moment or success story?

I treated a patient who had been suffering from severe tinnitus for over seven years, and on her first visit (which was her first time ever receiving acupuncture) she was shocked and delighted to find that the ringing in her ears disappeared within ten minutes of resting on the table.

Q: What are a few of your favorite hobbies or interests?

I love to read, take care of my many plants, make art, and spend time with my family and puppy!

Q: Which moments in life bring you the most happiness?

The simple ones with family and friends! Being in nature, eating delicious food, exploring new places.

What is Facial Acupuncture? 


Facial Rejuvenation is a specialized treatment rooted in a centuries-old tradition. This is a natural, non-invasive, and chemical-free alternative to reduce signs of aging and improve well-being. Facial acupuncture can treat acne and rosacea, wrinkles, under-eye puffiness and sagging, brighten and smooth your complexion, and revitalize the face, body, and spirit. The face has a direct connection to our internal organs and mirrors our mental, emotional and physical health. The holistic benefits can be seen not only on the outside, but also internally, with better sleep, regulated menstrual cycles, decreased stress, and a general feeling of calm and wellness. Revisit our Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture blog here.

Facial Acupuncture

“I can’t stop raving about the facial rejuvenation acupuncture session I recently had with Jayne.  I was astounded by how different I looked and felt and now I am trying to rearrange my schedule so I can fit more sessions in! To be quite honest, I’ve always been fortunate to look much younger than I am but as I enter my mid-40s, I am *acutely* aware of the signs of aging. Jayne has a gentle touch so I barely felt the needles go in. During the session, I got the same zen feeling one gest with a regular acupuncture treatment.  And after even just one treatment, I felt very relaxed AND noticed that extra special glow.  For me, I wanted to address the usual signs of aging–fine lines and sagging skin–and as summer comes to an end, the hyperpigmentation that comes with sun-damaged skin. But we’ve also seen it do wonders for various dermatological conditions, acne, and even TMJ.
It’s my new favorite treatment these days, and I really recommend you give it a try. ” – Sharon Yeung, LAc, Founder of Five Seasons

At the moment, we have limited booking availability for facial acupuncture treatments. To book an appointment, call 917-538-5755 or reach out to Jayne directly with any questions via email at jayne@fiveseasonshealing.com.

To learn more about Facial Rejuvenation, visit our page at this link.


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