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Five Seasons founder, Sharon Yeung, LAc, was recently featured on New York-based lifestyle blog, Cup of Jo.  We’ve been longtime admirers of Joanna Goddard’s blog and the supportive women-centered online community she’s built. We are thrilled that Sharon is included in her Beauty Uniform series, a testament to CoJ’s commitment to expansive ideas of beauty. Get to know more about Sharon’s meditation practice, her family obsession with rock climbing, her favorite Asian-American comedians and how she got started in Chinese medicine

In response to the interview, Sharon writes,

“It was wonderful to read all the comments about how acupuncture has been helpful for others. Health and wellness can feel like such a mystery especially when we don’t understand why we have symptoms or don’t have faith that we can heal. 

I just want to sing from the mountain tops at how phenomenal this medicine is–its focus on the healing potential of a strong patient-practitioner relationship, the insights into ourselves we receive through a Chinese medicine lens, and the trust we regain with our bodies when we start to heal.

I’m also very grateful I had a chance to talk about meditation which is THE undercurrent in my life but generally remains hidden in the background. While I’m not always in a state of contemplation and presence–I wish I were!–it affects every aspect of my life. It has made me a happier, more relaxed, and–as my children can attest to–more patient person, which is a HUGE plus! I aspire for myself and for all my patients that we live a meaningful life. I truly believe that the rich insights and formidable shifts we can gain through meditation is the secret sauce to a meaningful life.”

Below are a few excerpts from the interview but read the full article here.  

You’re an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. How did you land there?

Growing up, I felt like I had dual lives: one was at home as the child of immigrants, and the other was outside of the home. I was raised in the U.S., in a household that spoke another language, ate culturally specific foods, and was different from what I saw on TV or at friends’ houses. My grandmother lived with us and incorporated herbal medicine into our meals; and we had an alternative medicine cabinet to draw from. read more…

I feel constantly bombarded by the latest, greatest products to optimize my wellbeing. How do you advise the average person to wade through all the information?

Great question. Chinese medicine is about getting down to the basics: Are you sleeping well? Are you generally eating a well-rounded diet? Are you getting enough exercise? My advice is to start with a strong foundation, and then if you still need to, seek more professional advice to deal with any specific issues.

What are TV favorites in your household?

I’m also super into all the Asian standup comedians: Ali Wong, Jimmy O. Yang, Atsuko Okatsuka, Sheng Wang, Hasan Minhaj. So talented, funny, and relatable. They touch on the ‘child of Asian immigrant experience’ where they can laugh at how the more traditional culture of their parents intersects with them growing up in the States.

What do you look for in beauty products?

It’s like buying freshly baked bread where I look for a very short ingredient list: flour, water, salt, yeast. I look for skincare products with the fewest and purest ingredients. It can be confusing, and in cases where I’m not buying one-ingredient products like argan oil or coconut oil, I rely on my supplier to do the vetting for me. I’ll opt for products carried in health food stores or the Park Slope Food Coop, instead of a drugstore.


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