Say Hello to Our New Office Manager!

Farewell from Janelle

Thank you to the wonderful patients and practitioners of Five Seasons Healing! It’s been an incredible learning experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you all. I’m actively pursuing the graduate program for acupuncture and herbs while temporarily shifting back into treasury management. If ever we cross paths once more, do not hesitate to say hello. Please take care of your health, and keep up with treatments! I wish you all the best health, happiness, and success.


Meet the New Office Manager,
Aliya Stimpson!

Whether you’re visiting the office, calling in to make an appointment, or e-mailing with questions, Aliya’s here to help. Make sure to say hello to the newest member of the Five Seasons family! Check out our Q&A to learn more:


What piqued your interest in Eastern medicine?

My grandmother used to take me to her acupuncture appointments when I was young. As a child, I knew I wanted to be a doctor, possibly a surgeon. I fell into Grey’s Anatomy and  noticed how hectic their lives were, with an emphasis on sleep-deprivation.

My early exposure to acupuncture gave me the incentive to works towards being a doctor in acupuncture so that I can help people and sleep well. As I’m studying it now I love how personal we can be with the clients. and get to the root issues that cause all our surface ones. They are all connected and it makes me feel like a detective. When I can deduce what’s the root cause of their ailments it is really satisfying. 

Aside from your profession, how has Eastern medicine changed your life?

I’ve learned the power of compassion. To be a compassionate person means that we acknowledge everyone’s different situations that they’re going through. We’re all doing our best, and we have to work towards being harmonized and balanced. I hadn’t given it much thought until I was immersed in Eastern Medicine.

Do you have any other expertise outside of TCM?

I’m trilingual, I sometimes tutor in Mandarin-Chinese and Korean. I practice photography on the side, mostly street photography, and fashion, and have creative expressions through clothes and makeup.

Could you share an awesome moment or success story (related to Eastern medicine)?

As an intern in our school’s clinic, I had a cancer recovery patient. When she first came in, she looked really sick: jaundice-skin tone, frail constitution, you can imagine. She stayed with me for a series of fifteen treatments. Every week she improved; her skin was brighter, her energy levels elevated, and I witnessed her revival. As I watched her come back to life, she reached a point where we no longer needed to focus on cancer toxicity; we could treat other aspects of her mind and body. It was an incredibly rewarding experience.

What does a typical Sunday afternoon look like for you?

I like to relax and enjoy the entertainment world, specifically Korean TV and dramas like Last of Us, and YouTube shows like Jessie’s/Sunmi’s Showterview. I also read a lot and always enjoy the delicious food.

What do you believe is the closest thing to real magic in this reality?

Herbs, for sure; specifically for healing purposes. There is also a magical quality of the human touch. Through physical touch, you establish a connection; at times you can even feel how they are and who they are before even making physical contact. We can feel each other’s energy.

Which country do you wish you could explore?

Most definitely Singapore. They seem to have a balanced lifestyle, and I love nature, culture, and food. The people are diverse and it’s a melting pot of many cultures and languages. It’s both a hub for business and nature is really beautiful, especially the way they integrate it with their living spaces.

What is the last book you read/show you binged/movie you watched?

The last book I read was by Viola Davis, called Finding Me. She’s a fabulous writer with an incredible story. I already knew she was an amazing actress, but she paints imagery with her words, and you can feel like you’re physically with her.

Do you have a belief, mission, and/or philosophy related to acupuncture/TCM/health and wellness?

Find that harmony, that balance, within yourself. Be kind to yourself on the days that you’re not. The act of not giving up is powerful. Make the attempt to get where you’re going. Never stop trying; the energy and effort is enough.

Do you have any specializations and/or prior clinical experience?

Red Cross First Aid for adults and pediatrics; I’m also in pursuit of my doctorate and considering herbal certification.

What are a few of your favorite hobbies or interests?

I love to create things, whether it be unique fashion combinations, cross-stitching, embroidery, photography, or stickers in glass bottles; I even dabbled in macramé (decorative yarn making). I’m very creative so I actively seek ways to express that creativity.

Which moments in life bring you the most happiness?

I love connecting with people and chatting and sharing time. It’s important to spend time with each other. Helping people also makes me happy, too. I love the exchange of energy.


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