Women and Foot Pain

Many people, especially women, suffer from foot pain and believe it is normal. Living in a walking city, such as New York, we need to take special care! A recently published study featured in the New York Times, determined that many women make poor shoe choices early in life and suffer with foot pain in later years. The issue is not only confined to the feet, but has also been seen to cause alignment issues in knees, hip, back and even the neck. Unfortunately for the fashionista, high heels not only cause pain, they also cause corns, bunions, hammer toes, shortened calf muscles and ingrown toenails. Ouch!

Improve foot health

  • Limit the amount of time you wear high heels. Carry a pair of good quality flats to wear for part of the day, and choose athletic shoes for weekends and downtime.
  • Cushion! Take your high heels with thin soles to the shoemaker, and ask for a thin rubber sole cemented to the bottom of the shoe to cushion your foot.
  • Pregnancy may cause your feet to grow up to a full size! When shoe shopping, look for thick, supportive soles. Buy shoes that give your toes room to move. Laced, rather than slip on shoes are recommended by podiatrists for the best fit.
  • In addition to alignment issues caused by poor shoe choice, I also see a fair bit of orthopedic conditions in the neck, shoulder and hips due to carrying large, heavy handbags on one shoulder.
  • Acupuncture can be very effective in treating chronic pain, but prevention is the best medicine. Lighten up the load, limit the high heels and switch to a supportive pair of shoes!

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