The Morning Elixir

Most people wake up thirsty in the morning. This is because during sleep, an internal process, dehydration occurs, and upon waking, one requires fluids to satisfy their thirst and bring their energy up to begin the day. While even healthy individuals may be a little thirsty after sleep, if the body is stiff and the mind is groggy, it indicates that the liver has not finished its blood purification process. This may be due to overeating, late eating, consumption of too many animal products, intoxicants such as alcohol or other such factors.

If one arises clear-headed and full of energy, then a small amount of water or herbal tea will do the trick. However, more cleansing fluids should be taken in to purify the system. In Healing With Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford provides a list of such “elixirs” or typical beverages. These are best served slightly warm to add an expansive quality. They should never be served cooler than room temperature.

From Less Cleansing to More Cleansing:

Warming Teas (examples: ginger, fenugreek, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, spearmint)
Vegetable Broth (examples: cabbage, parsley)
Micro-Alga Drink (examples: spirulina, chlorella)
Water (examples: plain or squeezed with lemon)
Vegetable Juice (examples: carrot, celery)
Fruit Juice (examples: apple, prune, grape, orange)
Barley/Wheat-Grass Juice (examples: freshly extracted, or from commercial wheat-or-barley-grass powders)
Wild Micro-Alga Drink (examples: freeze-dried wild blue-green microalga/ Aphanizomenon)
Root Teas (examples: burdock, dandelion, chicory)
Flower Teas (examples: chamomile, red clover blossoms, orange blossoms)

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