Five Seasons Healing Summer Newsletter

                                                                                               July 2010
Five Seasons Healing Summer Newsletter

Summer Harmony

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Watermelon Drink Recipe
Summer Heat
Create Balance & Harmony this Summer
Pre-Conception Tip: Weaning off Birth Control
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Watermelon drink
Watermelon drink

This drink is very cooling and can help keep you hydrated during the heat. This juice is one of the best remedies for dehydration and summer heat symptoms, which include thirst without desire to drink, band-like headache, nausea, low appetite, heavy, weighted body sensation, low motivation, sluggish digestion, increased body temperature, sticky sweat, surging pulse, and red tongue with thick white or yellow coating. Watermelon is great for the heart, while mint is great for the digestive tract. Also, you can add/subtract more mint or watermelon. I find that by adding at least 10 leaves of mint per half watermelon is a great balance.
Half A watermelon (seeded or seedless)
10 Fresh mint leaves
You will need the following equipment; blender (of any kind), strainer, bowl, pitcher

1. Begin by scooping out all of the watermelon from the watermelon, no need to separate seeds (if it’s seeded). Place the scooped
watermelon into the blender along with the 10 fresh mint leaves.
2. Blend the ingredients until they are liquefied (1 min)
3. Once the ingredients are liquefied, strain it into the bowl.
4. Take the strained ingredients and pour it into the pitcher.
5. Serve and enjoy!

All Chronic Asthma Patients!

There is a special treatment in Chinese
medicine given during the height of the summer  (generally the last two weeks in July) that helps ‘pack in’ heat into the lungs.  For a person who suffers from asthma, this can help lessen the effects of asthma once the cold kicks in.  So be sure to come in this summer!

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sunHappy Summer! 
Summer has shown her fiery face and after this past week, it looks like it’s gonna be hot! In this
month’s newsletter, I share with you the Chinese Medicine approach to
living in harmony with Summer. Bring your body back in balance during this heatwave by strengthening the immune system, nourishing and strengthening  Qi and regulating the heart.

This newsletter will be full of tips to help keep your Qi in harmony by integrating cooling foods into your diet and keeping cool while staying active. We will also explore a common theme amongst my fertility patients: when to get off birth control and how to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Chinese Medicine offers therapeutic support for creating a healthy, balanced life. Both Marie and I will be in the office this summer, we’d love to see you and help you beat the heat! This is a perfect time to schedule your appointment for an acupuncture treatment to balance and support your body.  To schedule an appointment, please email or call 917.538.5755.


Yeung, MS, L.Ac., Doula

Heat Wave!

In Chinese Medicine, summer
is a yang season during which the
body has abundant energy that allows for vigorous metabolic (body energy)
processes. It’s no surprise that it is also associated with the element of

Our bodies are heavily influenced by the
warmth in the environment, and so it is quite easy to overheat during this
season. We are especially prone to accumulated heat in our digestive system,
profuse perspiration, parched mouth and throat, constipation, and heart
palpitations. That is why it is especially important to keep the heat balanced
within our bodies and minds. When the Fire element is in balance, the heart is
strong and healthy, the mind is calm and sleep is sound. A Fire imbalance may
show in the form of either a lack of joy (depression) or an excess of joy
(mania). Other indicators of a heart imbalance include agitation, nervousness,
heartburn, and insomnia.

Balance and Harmony in the Summer

Cooling Foods
Certain foods are considered
too yang, or hot to eat in excess
during the warmer months, while others are prized for their yin ability to cool the body, useful in the heat of
summer.  Food with cool and cold
properties can clear heat, reduce toxins, and generate body fluids. Overall,
the goal is internal balance between yin and yang forces within
the body. One great way to keep
yourself cool throughout the day is to sip water with slices of cucumber and
lemon. Cucumbers are cooling while the astringent quality of lemons
prevents too much fluid loss as you perspire. 
Nutritionally speaking, I recommend foods that are more bland and simple and therefore easy to
digest during the Summer. Try to avoid very rich and heavy food, like lamb
and meats. Fish and seafood are cooling, while most meats are

Cooling foods are often green: lettuces,
cucumbers,  and watercress
being some of the coolest. Other examples of cooling produce you may find
in your local farmer’s market: Apricot, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cantaloupe, Chinese
cabbage, Cilantro, Corn, Lemon, Mint, Orange, Peach, Snow
peas, Spinach, Sprouts, Summer squash and White mushroom.
But remember, eating too much cold food (like half a
watermelon in one sitting!) can also be damaging to our digestion.  Everything in moderation!

more info on nutrition and diet, visit the
Five Seasons Healing website!

Tips on Summer Activity

  • Try exercising in the morning or evening when the
    temperature is coolest.
  • Pace yourself when working outdoors, exercising
    or just having fun. Those who participate in regular exercise over time,
    allowing their bodies to adjust to hot conditions, may better tolerate
    exercise on hot days.
  • If you feel dizzy and/or stop sweating, quit all
    activity and get out of the sun fast. Drink cool, not cold, water with a
    teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it. The vinegar helps to replace
    electrolytes and minerals like sports drinks do.
  • We don’t need as much sleep in the Summer,
    however an afternoon nap is recommended since the sun sets later and many
    of us want to take advantage of nighttime outdoor movies and concerts.

Pre-Conception Tip: How and When
to Get Off Hormonal Birth Control

Deciding to have a baby can be both exciting and
anxiety-provoking. Many of my patients have questions about when to stop taking
hormonal birth control (such as oral contraceptives, the patch, birth control
injection, and vaginal ring) in order to maximize the chances of a healthy
pregnancy.  Here are some things to
consider in the months before you start trying:
Prepare your body for pregnancy by getting off hormonal methods of birth control at least three months before you are ready to start trying. Your body needs time
to regain control of your menstrual cycle and adjust to your natural hormonal
cycle. I recommend allowing your body at least three “natural” cycles to get it
used to building healthy eggs, releasing them during ovulation, building up a
thick uterine lining, then releasing the lining during your period.  
This break from the hormonal method of birth control also
gives you a chance to get reacquainted with your menstrual cycle, which is an
important part of trying to conceive (TTC). Sometimes your periods
post-hormonal birth control can be very different. Many patients experience
heavier periods, more cramping or clotting during menstrual flow,  irregular lengths of cycles, etc.
I’ve had patients get pregnant very soon after getting off
hormonal birth control and carry a
healthy baby to term.  But it’s also not uncommon for some patients to
experience early miscarriages after getting off hormonal birth control because
the body was not ready to “hold” a baby.  That’s why it’s a good idea to
build up the body’s reproductive strength before trying. 
Acupuncture can help you with the transition off of hormonal
methods of birth control and enhance the body’s natural reproductive
functions.  This is especially helpful if you had any gynecological issues
before you went on a hormonal method. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs work with your cycle to help
build strong healthy eggs, initiate ovulation, and prepare the body to hold a
baby (if that’s in the cards for you that month)!
Other important lifestyle changes that are helpful for pre-conception

  • A good
    Prenatal vitamin or multi-vitamin high in folic acid (at least 800 mcg).  It is also good to get folic acid from natural food
    sources like: Spinach, Asparagus, Turnip greens, Legumes (such as dried or
    fresh beans, peas and lentils), Liver and liver products, Fortified grain
    products (pasta, cereal, bread), Sunflower seeds
  • Foods
    high in iron help enrich the
    menstrual period and the uterine lining: Dried beans, Dried fruits, Eggs
    (especially egg yolks), Liver, Lean red meat (especially beef), Oysters,
    Salmon, Tuna and Whole grains.
  • Limit
    your intake of caffeine, alcohol and processed food.
  • Learn
    to chart your Basal Body Temperature.
    This will help you determine the best days of the month to have
    intercourse to conceive. (Read my blog entry for how to start.)
  • Maintain
    a moderate exercise
    routine. Try not to push yourself too
    hard (like training for a marathon).
  • Meditation can contribute to overall well-being, which
    equates to your reproductive well-being.
  • Ask
    your partner to join you on this
    healthy journey by eating well, exercising and taking a multi-vitamin.
  • Visit
    your Gynecologist for an annual
    check up or even a “pre-conception” visit.