Staying Healthy This Season

Seasonal changes affect the body’s environment. As we move gradually from Winter to Spring, patients are still coming in with colds/flu. Good lifestyle and hygiene habits are proven to reduce your risk of getting sick.

Wash Your Hands – Studies have shown that one of the main reasons that we catch colds and flu in cold weather is that we are indoors and in closer vicinity to others. Protect yourself by washing your hands regularly and try not to touch your face.

Sleep In – The Nei Ching, an ancient Chinese classic, advised people to go to sleep early, rest well and rise late, after the sun’s rays have warmed the atmosphere a bit. This preserves your own Yang Qi for the task of warming the body.

Stress Less – Find a release valve for your stress. According to Chinese medicine, stress, frustration, and unresolved anger can play an important part in throwing the immune system off and allowing pathogens to affect the body. Find a way to relax and release stress on a daily basis. Such methods may include yoga, meditation and exercise. Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression.

Seasonal Tune-Up – Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can prevent colds and flu by building up the immune system with just a few needles inserted into key points along the body’s energy pathways. These points are known for strengthening the circulation of blood and energy and for consolidating the outer defense layers of the skin and muscle (wei Qi) so that germs and viruses cannot enter through them.

 Seasonal acupuncture treatments also serve to tonify the inner organ systems and correct minor annoyances before they become serious problems.

Source: Qi Mail

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