Spring Ahead!

Daylights Saving Time begins this Sunday, March 8, so be sure to set your clock ahead an hour!

While it is great that we are one step closer to spring, it often takes time for us to adjust to the change. Many people struggle to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern as it is, and it can be difficult to get used to waking up an hour “earlier.” Many complain of sleep disruption, headaches, and grouchiness in the weeks following the switch.

However, the benefits to “springing ahead” greatly outweigh the disadvantages. As the daylight lasts longer, people are able to be more productive during the day. Additional light and warmer weather encourages people to spend time outdoors—a proven stress reliever. People just need to pay attention to their sleep habits a little more closely during this time.

There are several ways in which people can help their bodies adjust.

*Exercise: Even a brisk walk will help release serotonin into your bloodstream, making it easier for your inner clock to get used to the time change.

*Bright light exposure: Sitting in front of a bright fluorescent light (like a light box) for one to two hours a day can be incredibly helpful, as they are brighter than typical household lights.

*Be aware of your limitations during the first few weeks of daylight saving. Listen to your body, and make changes you need to make.

*See your acupuncturist for treatments to help regulate your sleep cycle, if need be.

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