Sharon’s Maternity Leave and New Website

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Sharon’s Maternity Leave and New Website

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Many of our patients use insurance to cover their acupuncture treatment and
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We want to take this opportunity to review how our office works with insurance. We are an out-of-network acupuncture provider for most insurance plans. If your insurance covers for treatment, once you have met your deductible, and your insurance company begins to pay Five Seasons Healing, you will only have to pay a $30 insurance copay at the time of treatment and we will reimburse you for any treatments you paid out of pocket that your insurance also covered.

If you’d like us to check your specific insurance benefits, please email Jaime the following information: Your name, name of primary subscriber, date of birth, insurance ID #, group #, and provider phone number (usually on back of insurance card).

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Sharon Yeung, MS, L.Ac., Doula
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Sharon’s Message                       

Dearest Patients,


This year seems to have flown by and suddenly my last week in the office before I go on maternity leave has arrived.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to be your partner and advocate in your journey towards greater health and well being.  While it saddens me that I will not be working with you directly for the next 4 months, I am heartened that I leave you in such capable hands.  As usual, Alyssa Proujansky L.Ac., will continue to care for you on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  I am also very pleased to introduce you to Klara Kadar L.Ac., LMT, Doula, a very skilled Chinese medicine practitioner who not only specializes in women’s health and fertility but is also a doula and massage therapist as well!  Klara will be in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please read more about her in the bio attached below.  Kelly, my assistant extraordinaire, will continue to be your point person for your general inquiries and scheduling needs.  But feel free to reach out to Alyssa or Klara for any specific questions regarding your treatment at &  And know that I will continue to be in weekly contact with both Alyssa and Klara regarding your treatment plans.  


I am looking forward to this new stage in my life.  I anticipate it will be challenging and complicated in it’s own right but having felt the unconditional love from a child and towards a child already, I can only imagine how full it will feel with two!  Motherhood has taught me so much in my personal life but I have been pleasantly surprised at how much it has informed my professional life as well.  Since having Lila, I have felt incredibly blessed that I can continue to practice a medicine in which its nuances are only enhanced, enriched and revealed as we mature as people and practitioners.  So, come March 2012, I look forward to seeing all of you again and will hopefully have more to share with you when I return.  Thank you for your good wishes.  I greatly appreciate it. 


Be well and take good care,




Klara Kadar, MSTOM, LAc, LTM                    

Klara Kadar is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine. Her rigorous training focused on the incorporation of both Eastern and Western medical paradigms for the treatment of illness in order to achieve optimum health.


Klara has studied both here and abroad and holds a certificate of training from the Beijing Traditional Medicine Training Center. In New York, Klara worked with Claudia Citkovitz at the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, where she utilized her experience as a labor doula, providing acupuncture to women during childbirth for pain relief and improved labor outcomes. Klara has also worked alongside prominent practitioners of infertility acupuncture where she developed the passion and expertise for working with couples trying to achieve pregnancy.


Believing in principles of nourishing life and the preservation of health that is at the heart of Traditional Chines Medicine, Klara aims to help find balance and prevent negative shifts in health from occurring. Incorporating a variety of tools in her practice of acupuncture, from traditional Japanese acupuncture techniques, Chinese herbs, electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, nutritional therapy, as well as massage, her ability to pull from multiple disciplines has rewarded her continued success in the treatment of women’s health and infertility, pediatrics, emotional disorders, and general health and wellbeing. As a licensed massage therapist, Klara has a tactile understanding of the body equips her for thorough care of sports injuries, pain syndromes, and musculo-skeletal issues.



Check out our new website!                      

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging for the last few months.  This is because all my ‘online’ energy has been devoted to updating my website.  It’s still a work in progress but I’m happy to report that the new(er) site is up and running!  Some changes you might notice are that the blog is now integrated into the site, there is more information regarding different conditions and how Chinese medicine treats them, you can now contribute testimonials directly on the site–don’t be shy 🙂 –, you can now share Five Seasons Healing with all your friends through Facebook, you can subscribe to the blog and there is a slightly new design and layout.  In the weeks and months to come, I’m planning on adding much more info on the treatment of different conditions and a whole section on gynecological care along with regular blog posts.  Please check back in regularly.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed updating!



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