Sinusitis occurs when there is inflammation of the sinuses, the sinus openings become blocked and mucus builds up, which allows germs and bacteria to flourish more easily. Sinusitis may be acute—symptoms last up to 4 weeks—or chronic—symptoms last 3 months or longer. In either case, symptoms—such as nasal discharge, facial pain, headache, congestion, or fatigue—are disruptive to daily life.

Chinese medicine along with other lifestyle changes can provide lasting relief of sinusitis. At Five Seasons Healing, we use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help unblock the sinuses, relieve the pressure, and balance the body so that it is no longer prone to recurring infections. We approach each condition holistically for each individual. This means that we look at triggers that cause frequent sinus attacks, explore ways to reduce these triggers, and always keeping in mind lifestyle choices, particularly diet. Diet is often critical because eliminating certain foods and adding others can bring incredible benefits. We also explain how to use a neti pot to wash the sinuses and avoid infections. Once we see that the sinusitis is under control and infections have stopped, we use acupuncture to keep the body in balance so that the immune system is strong and the body is no longer susceptible to recurrent infections. With frequent treatments initially and then occasional maintenance, many find that sinusitis becomes something that plagued the past.