Resources to Manage Stress and Promote Fertility

I just reposted a great NY Times article from a couple years ago that makes the connection between stress and fertility. While there may be medical reasons that prevent pregnancy, stress levels and anxiety are not to be dismissed as factors. The process of trying to conceive can be stressful in itself, so any way to help calm the mind is helpful.

Below are some resources to get started on creating a regular relaxation practice:

  • Meditation is the most solidly researched stress-reducing activity and triggers the relaxation response. There are many forms of meditation, but their goals are similar–to focus your mind on internal sensations and actions like breathing, while keeping out thoughts that are distracting. To learn more, visit or
  • Jennifer Bloome has created some specific meditations for fertility, available for a free download at You will need to sign up on the front page with your basic information and then you will have access to free MP3 downloads of 10-15 minute guided meditations specific to the fertility journey.
  • Yoga: there are many types, but hatha yoga is a great place to start. Yoga is a relaxing form of synchronized movement and breathing and, studies show, a 45-minute session twice a week can reduce the effects of stress and promote hormone balance.
  • Mini-Meditation: Just a 2 minute break can calm you down and help your muscles relax when you’re feeling particularly stressed. Here’s one take on mini-meditating.

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