Repost: The MUST-Have Talk Before Labor

Deb of the Prenatal Yoga Center keeps a blog about pregnancy-related issues. Below is an excerpt of the July 31st entry entitled, “The MUST-Have Talk Before Labor,” in which she discusses something rarely considered when preparing for the birth of a child.

Recently I was at a couple’s apartment doing a private childbirth education class. We went through quite a bit of information that covered everything from pain management techniques to understanding the different stages of labor to how the mom’s partner can support her through the variations and complications that might arise during labor and delivery. Near the end of our session, I asked the couple, “How do you work as a couple in highly emotional or uncontrolled situations?” The father-to-be looked at me oddly and said “I think we work well together, but why are you asking?” I think this is one area that is not given much attention, but is really important. I am not trying to say that labor is innately stressful, but it is a departure from normal everyday occurrences, a situation where one part of the couple is going through an intense physical experience.

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