Repost: NYT Article Linking Stress to Infertility

“The truth is that if you are not in harmony with yourself and your culture, you are stressed,” said physician-researcher, Dr. Sara L. Berga in a recent NY Times article highlighting the findings of her research linking stress to infertility. This ‘truth’ is the very foundation from which traditional Chinese medicine is built. Traditional Chinese medicine aims to restore health by creating a balance within ourselves and an equilibrium with the environment we live in.

Dr. Berga’s research looks at how chronic stress alters brain signals to the hypothalamus–one of the four organs, including the pituitary, the ovary and the uterus–responsible for the intricate hormonal dance of fertility. “Chronic stress,” she says, “whether emotional or physical, taxes the body.”

In addition to treating the particular pattern of disharmony that may prevent a woman from becoming pregnant, acupuncture offers deep relaxation to the uterus as well as to the whole body-mind. By relieving stress and calming the spirit, acupuncture allows endocrine activity to proceed smoothly and effortlessly. And this helps balance the hormones necessary for fertility.

Often during an acupuncture session for fertility, points are specifically chosen to stimulate the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary-uterus axis. If you’ve ever had one of these treatments, you may notice a needle place on the top of your head, one between your eyebrows, a needle a few inches below your navel and a needle 3 or more inches lateral to this point. These points stimulate the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the uterus and the ovaries, respectively.

Thus, as the article proposes, getting pregnant naturally may be as simple as, “just relax.” To read the New York Times article in full click here.

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