Nourishing Breakfasts

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we strongly believe that food is healing. We have an opportunity three times a day to nourish ourselves with healing whole foods.

With such a focus on the convenience of food, many don’t sit down for breakfast. Patients tell me that they grab a yogurt, a smoothie, or buy their breakfast at the coffee shop. They are eating on the run, at their desk at work, etc.

I encourage you to make time for your breakfast. Even if this means waking up a little earlier, studies show that those who eat breakfast, actually eat less during the day, which could lead to weight loss. In general when you eat a heartier breakfast, you have more stable energy levels throughout the day, feel more clear-minded and have better focus, and decrease those 3-4 PM sugar cravings.

In Chinese Medicine, we believe that it is especially important that the first meal of the day is a warm meal. It’s not uncommon for my patients to have cold frozen smoothies or cold milk poured on boxed breakfast cereal for their breakfast. (Boxed breakfast cereal contains highly processed grains which I don’t recommend. Instead I recommend to cook whole grains.)

I would like to challenge you to try something warm and nourishing! The following posts will include some healthy, warm breakfast ideas. Try these out and see which meals feel good in your body.

To start us off:

Cooked grains (like steel cut oats, quinoa, amaranth, millet or buckwheat) topped with cinnamon, seasonal cooked or fresh fruit, nuts, grass-fed butter or coconut oil. First soak your grains for 8 hours in water with a Tablespoon of yogurt, kefir, or lemon juice, drain, rinse well, add fresh water and cook. The grains will be easier to digest, more nutritious, and will cook up quickly. To save time, you might make a larger batch of cooked grains and simply heat up a serving in the morning.

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