Non-Cook Breakfasts

Although I recommend cooked breakfasts year-round**, these non-cooked breakfasts can be eaten in the late Spring and Summer:

-Bring yogurt or cottage cheese to room temperature (we recommend most dairy not be cold, right from the refrigerator) when eating and top with seasonal cooked or fresh fruit and nuts.

-To make a smoothie, make sure the ingredients are at room temperature. Use whole ingredients like yogurt, kefir, nut milk, coconut oil, seasonal fresh fruit, etc. For added protection against allergies in the Spring, add Bee Pollen from a local farmer to your smoothie. This adds a slightly sweet flavor and can really support your respiratory system during allergy season. Make sure it’s produced near where you live for the best benefits. I get mine at the Union Square Green Market and the Bee Pollen comes from the Hudson Valley.

Take on this healthy challenge to start your day with a home-prepared meal, and enjoy the benefits!

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**These recommendations are for people with strong digestive systems. For people with chronic disease or compromised digestive systems, stick with cooked breakfasts and eat non-cooked breakfasts occasionally.

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