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Happy Chinese New Year
Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Horse
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Happy Year of the Horse! 




Another year is upon us and I am even more excited and optimistic about this year than I was about last.  With the arrival of 2014, I have palpably felt a sense of renewal and recharge that I hope will energize this coming year.  The season of winter is a time to get quiet, move inward and explore our deepest desires.  Our hope, then, is that as the season changes, and the earth warms and blossoms around us, we draw out these desires and manifest them in our waking lives.


Last year, I also felt this sense of possibility and set some intentions for personal change: more patience, less worrying, a greater acceptance of a world that does not necessarily bend to my will, and an embracing of the graces bestowed upon me even, and especially, if they are cloaked in the form of hardship and challenge.  And as the year progressed and life got challenging, as it always does, while my intentions were great, my abilities were not always up to snuff.


Thus, I enter 2014 with a focus less on intention and more on acquiring skills and tools.  For me, this tool comes in the form of daily meditation.  And while it once seemed like an impossibility to incorporate a daily practice into my life, after just a month, I now crave this time when my mind can rest, when I can taste–for just a fleeting moment–a little bit of peace, a passing moment of clarity, and a sense of freedom from the grasp of a mind filled with unceasing thoughts, plans, and concerns.  Suddenly and surprisingly, by just carving out a little time in my day for quiet, these moments are slowly seeping into the rest of my day and I am finding life more joyful, change more easeful, and problems less formidable.


Dear patients and friends, will you join me in cultivating a skill, honing a tool, in 2014?    


As always, with gratitude,




Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Horse

I am a big fan of Hong Kong feng shui master, Raymond Lo.  The following are some of his predictions and recommendations for the new year.  Check out more of his Year of the Horse article by clicking here 


The Year of the Horse is represented in Chinese metaphysics by two elements – wood sitting on top of fire.  And since wood produces fire, according to five element theory, we should expect a year of productivity and support.


In addition to the harmonious energy created, fire and wood can also create clashes – particularly in certain systems of our bodies.  Lo explains that while the yang wood energy will compound liver problems, the horse is symbolic of powerful fire and can complicate many other health issues.  This fire increases the likelihood of problems arising with blood circulation, kidney function and the immune system, as well as generates inflammation, high blood pressure and heart disease.  It is wise to take special care of the respiratory tract as well, as the influences of the fire element may cause health problems in areas associated with metal (the lungs and breathing organs).  To combat these issues, Lo recommends taking health supplements such as Omega 3 oil, grape seed oil, vitamin C and vitamin E to reduce cholesterol and prevent blockage of the arteries, as well as to cool down the excessive fire and support the kidneys.   


Regarding the economy, the fire element is often the motivating force behind the stock market as fire years often generate optimism and drive up the stock market (such as in 2006 and 2007).  The fire of 2013 will continue into the horse year of 2014 and Lo says we can expect substantial improvements in economic atmospheres as investors regain confidence supported by the fire horse.  The strong fire this year also encourages positive moods, increasing spending.  Luckily, Lo asserts that this positive fire energy will continue into 2015 and 2016.


The wood fire element of 2014 is also expected to bring prosperity to water industries (transport, communications and shipping, drinks, and spa) and metal industries (tech, banking, machinery, cars and engineering). Wood industries are also positively impacted (textile, clothing, magazine, paper, books and environmental).  Fire industries will benefit least this year (energy, restaurant, finance, entertainment).  Lo explains that these businesses will be very active, but competition will also be strong as the fire snake brings many competitors onto the scene.


The Horse is also considered a “Nobleman” for people born in years ending with the number 1, such as 1951, 1961, 1971 etc.  “Noblemen” are our protective energies, helping us and offering smooth and positive influences.  If you are expecting this year, Lo considers favorable birth months to be July, November and March, as the yang wood in the year of the horse is considered a “Star of Virtue” for babies born in these months.  


Finally, Lo offers advice for aligning your home and office with the horse energy this year using principles of feng shui.  He recommends hanging a metal wind chime in the north-west of the house to dissolve bad energy.  To dissolve sickness, he advises hanging a string of six metal coins in the east of the house.  To avoid conflict and robbery, place a piece of red paper in the south-east of your space.  To prevent scandal, place 3 bamboo plants grown in clear glass vases of water in the north-east location.  Take note that Lo also mentions it is not favorable to “move earth” or make substantial construction work in the south of your space, nor to sit with your back against the North.


Please Welcome the Newest Member of our Team:  Dr. Cherrie Laygo 

It is with great sadness that I say farewell to my very dear friend and colleague with whom I’ve had the great honor of sharing our office with for these many years, Melani Bolyai, L.Ac.  In preparation for her departure for the greener pastures of the West Coast, Melani and I have searched tirelessly for a skilled, talented and compassionate practitioner to join our office.  We are so pleased to have found Dr. Cherrie Laygo.  Cherrie recently moved back to NYC and holds a doctorate in Chinese medicine, has a background in massage therapy, specializes in women’s health, psycho-emotional conditions and musculoskeletal disorders, and is on the faculty at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Some of you already have had the great pleasure of working with Cherrie and we hope that more of you will have the chance to meet her soon. 


Cherrie is in the office on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  You can read more about Cherrie on our website here.