More Tips for Late Summer

During this last burst of Indian Summer – heat and dampness are prominent. These elements can easily damage the heart and spleen function. You may find yourself feeling sticky and clammy, sweating, poor appetite, heavy limbs, fatigue.

Tip #2: Drink plenty of fluids to prevent body fluid deficiency.

The organ systems associated with the season of Late Summer are the Stomach and the Spleen-Pancreas. These systems are responsible for the digestion of nutrients. Though the spleen is often overlooked in Western medicine, in TCM, the spleen represents the primary organ of digestion. If the spleen is in disharmony, then you may develop deficiencies in qi or blood, or poor digestion.

The spleen is also the source of motivation and creativity. When the spleen-pancreas energy is balanced, we feel calm and settled and compassionate. We experience anxiety and worry when the spleen-pancreas energy is not balanced.

Tip # 3: Eat foods that nourish the spleen-pancreas: The damp heat of this season can put stress on digestion. Eat cooked foods for easier digestion. Don’t combine too many ingredients, use minimal seasoning, and keep cooking temperature and time moderate. For example, try steaming vegetables instead of grilling them.

Since this season is associated with the color yellow and the sweet flavor, try golden and orange-colored foods that are mildly sweet. To get your body in tune with this season, try: amaranth, apricots, cantaloupe, chestnuts, corn, garbanzo beans, millet, peas, potatoes, soybeans, squash, string beans, sweet potatoes, tofu and yams.

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