More Super Foods & Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Don’t Forget Your Scarf!

As the weather cools and the wind picks up, it’s important to keep our neck warm. When our defenses are down, we are more susceptible and vulnerable to pathogens such as colds and flus. In TCM, we believe that “wind carries a thousand diseases” and we are moving into that time now. So remember your scarf before heading out the door!

As for more Superfoods to add to your diet to avoid colds/flu this season: Garlic is a staple in many traditional diets, garlic is a powerful immune-boosting and infection-fighting ingredient. Allicin, the active ingredient in garlic kills bacteria and helps fight infection.

Integrate fresh, raw garlic into your recipes. Mince a fresh clove into your home-made salad dressing or spoon a dollop of fresh pesto onto fish, chicken or vegetables. Although eating garlic raw is best, gently sauteing will still retain most of the medicinal properties (and can tame the potent breath effects).

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