Make your own tea!

Here is a recipe for a naturally sweet and nutritious herbal tea blend. Rooibos is caffeine-free, high in antioxidants, and has a relaxing effect. Rosebuds relieve stagnation, support the digestion, ease PMS, and lift the spirits. Add in some vanilla and this combination is soothing, calming, and opens up your heart.

At most health food stores, you’ll be able to find loose herbs:

1 cup organic loose red rooibos

1/2 cup organic red rose buds (gently crush them to separate the petals)

1 organic vanilla bean (split lengthwise with a knife)

Combine these herbs in a glass jar. Shake this up and let the jar sit for at least two weeks to allow the herbs to blend. The vanilla bean will infuse its’ scent into the other herbs. I just leave the vanilla bean in the jar to allow it to continue infusing, but I don’t directly use it for my brew.

Use a Tablespoon per cup of hot water. I use a stainless steel tea ball, strainer or ceramic tea pot to infuse this tea. Sip slowly, smile, and enjoy!

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