Late Summer: The Fifth Season

Late Summer is the fifth season in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While it is a short season, it is, in many ways, the most important, as it represents the transition from the energetic yang energy of Spring and Summer to the quieter yin energy of Fall and Winter. This is the point at which all seasons converge. As Paul Pitchford writes in Healing with Whole Foods, Late Summer represents “the instant where the pendulum reverses its swing.” This season is the point of clarity between Summer and Fall, when we can pause and figure out what we need to do to prepare for winter.

Grounding and centering are key during this transition. We must protect the immune system for autumn by preparing our bodies and minds. In the following few posts, I will provide tips to prepare ourselves for this change of seasons. If you read my recent newsletter, some of this will be duplicative.

Tip #1

As the weather cools and the wind picks up, it’s important to keep our neck warm. When our defenses are down, we are more susceptible and vulnerable to pathogens such as colds and flus. In TCM, we believe that “wind carries a thousand diseases” and we are moving into that time now. So remember your scarf before heading out the door!

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