Holistic Stress Reduction Workshop employing Acupuncture, Yoga and Talk Therapy

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce an upcoming workshop I will be giving twice in May. Over the course of my years in practice, I have seen how much stress plays a role in creating ailments in the body, regardless of what symptoms or conditions patients are coming in with. In recent times, as my own Buddhist practice has deepened, I have become particularly interested in more effectively getting at the root of many of the imbalances that manifest physically, emotionally and mentally. This root, essentially, is stress, and more particularly, how we respond to stressors. I always encourage patients to try to develop practices and mindframes that create empowerment and a clearer, calmer state of mind. This workshop is an opportunity to hone these skills.

This workshop uniquely employs Acupuncture, Yoga and Talk Therapy to

1. Understand the negative effects of stress on the mind-body from 3 holistic perspectives,

2. Create a space that allows for each participant to experience a sustained peaceful, calm state, and

3. Give participants simple, everyday tools to help reduce stress, increase self-care, and create more peace of mind.

It will be a collaborative effort among myself and two other holistic practitioners: Robin Simmonds, Iyengar yoga instructor, and Susan Lambert LCSW, mind-body psychotherapist.

The workshop will take place Saturday, May 15th 1-4pm session but please note due to the high demand, we are also offering it Friday, May 14th from 6-9pm.

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Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Or just want to approach your life with a calmer, clearer mind?

Come and experience the holistic tools of yoga, acupuncture and talk therapy to help you learn to reduce stress.

In this unique 3 hour workshop led by Iyengar yoga instructor, Robin Simmonds, Chinese medicine practitioner, Sharon Yeung L.Ac, and psychotherapist, Susan Lambert LCSW, we will explore ways to reduce and let go of stress through the modalities of yoga, acupuncture and talk therapy.

We will learn to identify stressors, understand the effects of stress on our minds and bodies, and incorporate simple tools to create more balance, improve self-care, and meet our daily lives and responsibilities with more clarity, buoyancy and peace of mind.

This workshop is well suited for those who have always wanted to try one or more of these healing modalities, to deepen their experience in any one of them, or discover the powerful effect of these therapies when brought together in unison.

Open to all, limited to 8 participants. No prior experience in yoga required.

Reserve your space now.

Saturday, May 15th from 1:00-4:00pm or

Friday, May 14th from 6-9pm

80 East 11th St. Suite 310

NY, NY 10003

Phone: 212-229-8318

Email: holistictools@gmail.com

Fee: $60 (payable in check or cash)

*please wear clothing you can move in.

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