Foods to Promote Male Fertility

While countless magazines, newspapers, blogs and other media are littered with information on how women can watch their diet to stay healthy to protect and enhance their fertility, the male factor also plays a big role.

Men can promote fertility and increase sperm count by nourishing their jing, the essence of life, which is fundamental in fertility.

One of the easiest ways to strengthen jing is through diet. Men seeking to do this should make sure to eat nutrient-dense foods and consume plenty of the following:

eggs (birds and fish)
animal organs like kidney
artichoke leaf
nettles, oats, raw milk

It is also important to get adequate amounts of certain nutrients, including:

folic acid, found in oranges, dark leafy greens like spinach and kale and broccoli
zinc, found in meat and beans
vitamin D and calcium, mostly in dairy products

Getting enough sleep and exercise are also important. Stress can be a big factor in infertility, and rest and a good workout are great ways to relieve both.

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