Fight that Cold … With an Acupuncture Treatment!

Another wave of colds and flus seem to be in the air. This week, many of my patients cancelled their acupuncture appointments due to illness. Most of them expressed concern about spreading illness by coming in. While it is recommended to limit your activity out in public to keep from spreading illness, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is very effective at treating acute colds. I encourage my patients to keep their appointments with me when they are sick. If you come in for a treatment, especially if it’s at the beginning of the illness, TCM can shorten the duration of the cold.

The TCM theory behind the common cold is that an external pathogen (cold/flu) has entered into our system (body). Our first defense, and most common area of entry, is through the mucus membranes of the nose and throat. If we can push the pathogen out of our body, using acupuncture and herbs, then there is less likelihood for symptoms to worsen and for the pathogen to penetrate deeper. We all know when a simple cold moves into the lungs, for example, it can cause more intense flu-like symptoms or infections. And then what often follows is that lingering cough that just never seems to go away! It is important to treat a cold as soon as possible to stop it in its tracks. So, next time you start to feel run down and a cold coming on, make an appointment! Let TCM help you get back on your feet and back to your life!

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