Central to health in Chinese medicine is the abundance and smooth circulation of qi, or vital energy, in the body. An important way to build and circulate qi is through the regular practice of qi gong. Qi gong literally translates to ‘the cultivation of qi,’. Because energy is neither created nor destroyed, the environment around us is filled with energy that we interact with on a daily basis.Qi gong is the act of interfacing with universal qi very consciously in order to promote the circulation of qi in our bodies. Just as we eat, drink and breathe in order to live and grow, we practice qi gong to energetically feed ourselves. Qi gong consists of gentle exercises or still positions where the breath, mind and body work together in unison. Rather than focusing on particular muscles or areas of the body in isolation, qi gong rehabilitates through the integrated movement of the body as a whole. Qi gong helps to regulate qi flow in the body and enhance the amount of qi available to us. It can be practiced for general health maintenance, mental and emotional clarity, and to prevent against sickness and disease. It can also be practiced in order to strengthen specific areas or organs in our body. The overall effect is to develop a calm mind and a strong body. Health is a daily practice and qi gong can help you feel more empowered in your own healing. There are many different forms of qi gong so when appropriate, Sharon can show you the exercises that best suit your needs.