Neck Pain

TweetWhether we experience a great deal of stress, sit in front of computer for too long, or wake up with pain realizing we slept funny; we have all suffered from neck pain at some point in our lives.  Despite the reason, I think we all can agree that neck pain is a real inconvenience.  So, what do we do to remedy the situation: take ibuprofen, change the ergonomics of our work station, wish away and take measures to alleviate stress, and change... Read More

Study: Acupuncture May Change the Way the Brain Perceives Pain

Tweet Check out this Time Magazine article on recent research showing how acupuncture works: The idea of pricking your body with needles in order to relieve pain seems nothing if not counterintuitive, but thousands of acupuncture patients swear the treatments are effective in addressing pain of all kinds. But how does it work? How much of the relief is due to the placebo effect — the mere perception that the needles are actually dulling pain... Read More

Acupuncture and Low Back Pain

Tweet The Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective of Low Back Pain Low back pain is an extremely common concern, affecting anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of people at some point in their lives. Low back pain is second only to the common cold as a cause of lost days at work and is one of the most common reasons to seek medical care, including acupuncture. In fact, one of the top reasons that people get acupuncture treatments is for low back pain. In... Read More

Acupuncture and Pain

TweetBelow is a blurb from the Wall Street Journal about Acupuncture that I found share-worthy: The compound adenosine is key to acupuncture’s effectiveness, according to a study in Nature Neuroscience. Despite acupuncture’s 4,000-year history, little is known about the biological pathways that enable carefully placed needles to relieve pain in many patients. Researchers mimicked acupuncture in mice by placing and gradually rotating a needle... Read More

Women and Foot Pain

Tweet Many people, especially women, suffer from foot pain and believe it is normal. Living in a walking city, such as New York, we need to take special care! A recently published study featured in the New York Times, determined that many women make poor shoe choices early in life and suffer with foot pain in later years. The issue is not only confined to the feet, but has also been seen to cause alignment issues in knees, hip, back and even the neck.... Read More

Acupuncture on NPR

TweetThis morning, a story about acupuncture for chronic back pain appeared on NPR. The piece details one woman’s first-time experience with acupuncture and examines a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, which found that a seven-week course of acupuncture helped many patients ease the pain of chronic lower back pain. One interesting finding was that when points are stimulated on the body’s surface it produces the same... Read More

Pregnancy Sciatica

TweetDuring the last few months of pregnancy, as the baby grows more rapidly and the pelvic joints begin to relax to accommodate birth, expectant mothers may experience back pain and sciatica that can range from a minor discomfort to an exhausting, crippling condition. Sciatica may be causes by the weight of the pregnant uterus, altered posture to compensate for altered shape, fatigue leading to poor posture or other factors such as softened, relaxed... Read More