Creating a Calm Mind Workshop

Tweet Creating a Calm Mind: Holistic Workshop to Reduce Anxiety Using Acupuncture, Yoga & Talk Therapy Dear all, As a follow up to the stress reduction workshops I led in May, I am pleased to announce that this fall, I am again teaming up with mind-body psychotherapist, Susan Lambert, and Iyengar-influenced yoga instructor, Robin Simmonds, to offer a collaborative workshop aimed at helping us develop tools to reduce anxiety. As... Read More

Late Summer: Preparing for Less Light

Tweet Chase the Blues Away As the days are getting shorter, we are just beginning to experience less daylight. For many people, depression or melancholy can begin to set in. It’s important to manage these feelings from a psycho-emotional standpoint, perhaps with a therapist or meditation practice. Below, I will introduce a meditation exercise that is great for stress reduction, relaxation and is something you can even practice on the subway! As... Read More

Mindful Eating

TweetIn our go-go-go world, it’s so hard to find time to sit down and enjoy a meal, appreciating the way the food we eat nourishes our bodies. This leaves many of us out of touch with our sense of hunger, not to mention with the pleasure of eating. It’s hard to derive much joy from wolfing down a candy bar on the way to the subway. According to an article published in the June Environmental Nutrition newsletter, in a 2008 General Mills... Read More

Lunchtime Meditation

TweetDuring the month of June, the Chakrasambara Buddhist Center will be offering a lunchtime meditation from Monday-Thursday from 12-12:45 pm. What better way to bring some peace of mind and awareness to your day? It’s a great opportunity to take a break in the middle of the day, to relax, recharge and refocus with stress reducing and heart-opening guided meditations. Admission is $5 but free for members of the center. The Chakrasambara Buddhist... Read More

Open House at the Open Center!

TweetOn Tuesday, May 16, the Open Center is having an open house from 6-10 pm! Stop by for an evening of free lectures and refreshments where you can meet faculty, sample programs, ask questions and browse the bookstore. Some workshop topics include “Introduction to Reiki,” “Introduction to Reflexology,” and “Bollywood Dancing.” Fifteen-minute Mini-Wellness sessions are also available all night for $15. The Open... Read More

Meditation in the Park this Weekend!

TweetThis Saturday, May 9th the Chakrasambara Buddhist Center is hosting a Meditation in the Park with Kadam Morten. The event is scheduled from 1-3 pm in Central Park. Kadam Morten will guide participants in a meditation on the clarity of the mind, emphasizing in particular how we incorporate all the sounds of the park into our meditation. The meditation will end with a heartfelt dedication for world peace. The meditation itself is likely to go from... Read More

Free Introductory Classes at New York’s Open Center!

TweetThe New York Open Center is a non-profit holistic learning center offering evening events, full-day workshops, ongoing classes, and advanced trainings. There are some great upcoming free introductory classes. Thursday, March 12, 8 pm:Spring Detox and Rejuvenation with Drew DeVittorio“In this class we will take an in-depth look at how toxins can accumulate in our bodies and how to detoxify and regain our vitality. Springtime is a wonderful... Read More

Living in the Moment, a one day meditation course

Tweetat theChakrasambara Buddhist Centerwith Kadam MortenSaturday, February 21st, 10:00 am – 3:30pm($30/free for cardholders) Often we feel powerless in the face of difficult external circumstances and respond by becoming frustrated or unhappy. But we are not powerless. According to Buddha our mind determines our experience of the world. Therefore if we change our mind, we change our world. Buddhist meditation gives us the power to change our... Read More

Rethinking Our New Year’s Resolutions

TweetAt the beginning of a new year, many of us ambitiously vow to improve ourselves. If only just wanting something could make it so…While some people do stick to their New Years Resolutions, many more lose steam or get bogged down with other responsibilities that take precedent over these goals. This article shows how some of the Buddha’s most basic messages can be applied to overcome these challenges.  Read More

Happy New Year!

TweetIn 2009, make space in your life for health and wellness. Begin your new year with Awakening the Heart, an introductory meditation course at New York’s Chakarasambara Buddhist Center. In this class, you will learn meditation and the Buddhist approach to training the mind. Applying these methods in your everyday life will lead to happiness, a sense of purpose and harmony in your relationships. This is a beginner course open to everyone.... Read More