East Meets West: Treating Infertility With Acupuncture and Modern Medicine

TweetPhoto from USNews ArticleChinese medicine believes in nourishing egg quality with herbs and acupuncture. Is there anything to it? Click here to read the full article.  Read More

TCM Featured in Wall Street Journal

TweetGreat article in today’s Wall Street Journal about how traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics are being clinically investigated for modern day application.  The idea of a ‘hot’ constitution and ‘cold’ constitution is such a principle concept in TCM and could some day be as well in biomedicine! Click here to read the article.  Read More

Why Every Busy Woman Should try Acupuncture

Tweet   Image credit Shape.com I came across a great article posted on Shape Magazine’s website entitled, Why Every Busy Woman Should try Acupuncture. I knew I had to share this piece with all of you. Generally, we are the quintessential type-A women, running around New York City trying to accomplish a million tasks in one day.  As you will read, Renee Woodruff decided to try acupuncture without seeking treatment for a particular condition.... Read More

Five Seasons Photo Shoot

Tweet Recently, we had the great fortune of having photographer, Esther Horvarth, visit Five Seasons. She is currently a student of the International Center of Photography and was interested in documenting the inner workings of an acupuncture office. We were so glad she chose us and produced some gorgeous photos as a result. Thank you all for your cooperation.   You can view Esther’s website here. Thanks, Esther!  Read More

TCM and Prostate Health

TweetI have noticed recently that there has been an overwhelming amount of information in the news, in both Eastern and Western Medicine reports, on the controversial nature of PSA testing in regards to men’s health.  PSA, or prostate specific antigen, is the protein produced by prostate cells, and the main screening agent for prostate cancer. While there are reasons why PSA levels can elevate that don’t necessarily mean that a man has prostate... Read More

Acupuncture Effective for Weight Loss

TweetHow many times have you been wondering or asked the question, can acupuncture help with weight loss? We now have some recent research that provides an answer, out of the University of Hong Kong in China and The Prince of Wales Hospital. This article, “Acupuncture and Herbs of Weight loss,” describes the use of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture as more effective then placebo and life-style modifications in reducing body weight. Additionally,... Read More

Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis

TweetOn February 14, 2012, Fox News featured a segment on “Drug free pain relief for Osteoarthritis (OA,)” by Dr. David Samadi.  As you will see, the article describes OA as a Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) in which joint cartilage erodes by excess wear, tear and stressors. While there isn’t a clear-cut treatment option, quality of life changes such as weight loss and over-the-counter medications for pain relief are the mainstays of symptom... Read More

Acupuncture for PCOS

TweetI thought I’d pass along an interesting web page from Science Daily that featured an article last week entitled, “PCOS and the Benefits of Acupuncture and Exercise.” Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is caused by a hormonal imbalance of estrogen, progesterone and androgens in women of reproductive age. As a result of this imbalance, the menstrual cycle is often absent or irregular. PCOS can lead to other uncomfortable symptoms... Read More

Be Good to Your Qi!

Tweet As an acupuncturist, much of my life revolves around Qi. I spend my days moving it, boosting it, and sending it in the right direction to resolve a variety of issues that occur within the human body. But what is it? There are essentially two types of Qi in our bodies: the kind we inherit and are born with, and the kind that we can cultivate here on Earth. I’ll give you the bad news first: the “pre-natal” Qi that we are born with cannot... Read More