The Spleen: More Important Than Many Realize

TweetI get many patients who come in for digestive issues and are often surprised to hear that an imbalance involving their spleen is the cause. In Western medicine, the spleen, a so-called “B-List abdominal organ” is rarely discussed. However, a recent study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical center shows that the spleen plays a bigger role than suspected. The spleen serves a reservoir for immune cells called... Read More

Microbes ‘R’ Us

TweetOn July 21st in the New York Times blog, The Wild Side, Olivia Judson wrote about the huge amount of bacteria present in our bodies (about 10 bacterial cells for every human cell) and the ways in which certain ones proliferate depending on the foods we eat. The “gut bacteria,” as she calls them, are particularly important. Located in the digestive tract, they play a key role in the digestive process and immune function. They also... Read More