Children and Acupuncture

TweetRecently, there was a great article featured in the New York Times regarding the safety of using acupuncture to treat children. The article discusses two of the latest studies, one in “The Journal of Pediatrics,” and the other conducted by the University of Alberta in Canada, both reporting minimal side effects and overall safety. Acupuncture is a widely accepted treatment alternative for adults and is growing in popularity amongst kids —... Read More

Parenting: Are We Overdoing It?

TweetPicture it: Your toddler is perched precariously on the edge of that high-backed chair in your in-law’s living room as she tries to figure out how to get herself back down. One false step could mean an afternoon in the E.R. You have a few choices here. One is to run over frantically, grab her in a wrestling hold, leave the house and never return. The other is to look the other way and hope for the best. Several other choices lie somewhere in... Read More

Upcoming Lecture at the Swedish Institute

TweetOn Wednesday, April 22, Lawrence Palevsky, MD, will be appearing at the Swedish Institute to give his lecture, entitled “Vaccinating Your Children: The Safety and Efficacy of Vaccines.” I have gone to hear him speak and found it an interesting and informative experience. he takes a particularly strong stance against vaccinations, Palevsky’s viewpoint represents one end of the spectrum of perspectives any expectant parent should... Read More