East Meets West: Treating Infertility With Acupuncture and Modern Medicine

TweetPhoto from USNews ArticleChinese medicine believes in nourishing egg quality with herbs and acupuncture. Is there anything to it? Click here to read the full article.  Read More

TCM Featured in Wall Street Journal

TweetGreat article in today’s Wall Street Journal about how traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics are being clinically investigated for modern day application.  The idea of a ‘hot’ constitution and ‘cold’ constitution is such a principle concept in TCM and could some day be as well in biomedicine! Click here to read the article.  Read More

Why Every Busy Woman Should try Acupuncture

Tweet   Image credit Shape.com I came across a great article posted on Shape Magazine’s website entitled, Why Every Busy Woman Should try Acupuncture. I knew I had to share this piece with all of you. Generally, we are the quintessential type-A women, running around New York City trying to accomplish a million tasks in one day.  As you will read, Renee Woodruff decided to try acupuncture without seeking treatment for a particular condition.... Read More

Five Seasons Photo Shoot

Tweet Recently, we had the great fortune of having photographer, Esther Horvarth, visit Five Seasons. She is currently a student of the International Center of Photography and was interested in documenting the inner workings of an acupuncture office. We were so glad she chose us and produced some gorgeous photos as a result. Thank you all for your cooperation.   You can view Esther’s website here. Thanks, Esther!  Read More

TCM and Prostate Health

TweetI have noticed recently that there has been an overwhelming amount of information in the news, in both Eastern and Western Medicine reports, on the controversial nature of PSA testing in regards to men’s health.  PSA, or prostate specific antigen, is the protein produced by prostate cells, and the main screening agent for prostate cancer. While there are reasons why PSA levels can elevate that don’t necessarily mean that a man has prostate... Read More

Hue Are You?

TweetEver feel blue? Or been so enraged you actually saw red? There’s a reason for the abundance of color cliches in our language. Color and emotions are closely tied together, and one has a very powerful influence over the other. However, you can opt to be less passive in your connection, and take a stronger stance in how color influences your life just by learning what a shade can do to your mental state. From a very young age, children express... Read More

Green Kale Fruit Cinnamon Smoothie

TweetI recently came across this recipe on YogaPeach.com as I was looking for some new food options as we enter the warmer months. Small bunch of kale, approx 1 cups, remove stems (super food) Handful of frozen or fresh mixed berries, approximately 1/2 cup (I like just one berry per smoothie, blueberries or raspberries) 1 ripe banana Juice 1/2 lemon 1/2 cup almond milk or water 1/2 TBSP Vanilla ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon (super food) Directions:... Read More

Neck Pain

TweetWhether we experience a great deal of stress, sit in front of computer for too long, or wake up with pain realizing we slept funny; we have all suffered from neck pain at some point in our lives.  Despite the reason, I think we all can agree that neck pain is a real inconvenience.  So, what do we do to remedy the situation: take ibuprofen, change the ergonomics of our work station, wish away and take measures to alleviate stress, and change... Read More

TCM and Allergies

TweetIt’s that time of the year again. Itchy, red eyes. Stuffy, runny nose. The sneezing, the congestion… Allergies are here, and it seems this year they came back swinging harder than ever. Up to 25% of the population suffers from seasonal allergies, which is a whole lot of sniffles. There are so many options for treating seasonal allergies, but most Western medications end up drying out the system, leaving behind a raw feeling that’s... Read More

Scrumptious Spring Recipe

TweetI came across a great recipe for a roasted sweet potato, mango, and edamame salad on YogaPeach.com. Since spring is rapidly arriving, I thought a light and clean nutritious salad would be fun to pass along and experiment with. The recipe offers a good mix of sweet and sour. In Chinese Medicine, food is thought to provide a way of nourishing our internal organs while also alleviating a variety of conditions. In order to get the best quality energy... Read More