Breakfast Beverages

Let’s talk about your breakfast beverage. For your morning beverage, choose a warm or room temperature beverage, nothing iced or frozen. A glass of room temperature or warm water (with a squeeze of lemon, optional) is recommended as your very first beverage of the day. This hydrates your body after a full night’s sleep.

For those who enjoy their morning cup of coffee or black/green tea, a fair-trade organic coffee or tea is healthier for you and the environment. Add cream from grass-fed cows, coconut milk, or home-made nut milk. Sweeten with natural sugars such as a teaspoon of raw honey or a pinch of stevia.

Organic herbal teas are a great choice. For a wonderfully warming drink, make or buy a caffeine-free Chai spice blend. This is delicious with a spoon of canned coconut milk.

A cup of vegetable or bone broth makes a mineral-rich nutritious breakfast beverage. Add a small pinch of sea salt or a spoon of miso and sip on this energizing beverage.

In Chinese Medicine, we recommend not drinking cold milk or juice first thing in the morning. Slightly warm up your milk (even better to add some warming herbs such as cinnamon, cardamom or ginger). If you love your glass of orange juice, freshly squeeze the juice yourself, but even better would be to simply eat an orange. You will get your vitamins without all that concentrated sugar.

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