Photo from USNews Article

Photo from USNews Article

Chinese medicine believes in nourishing egg quality with herbs and acupuncture. Is there anything to it? Click here to read the full article.

Great article in today’s Wall Street Journal about how traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics are being clinically investigated for modern day application.  The idea of a ‘hot’ constitution and ‘cold’ constitution is such a principle concept in TCM and could some day be as well in biomedicine!

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I came across a great article posted on Shape Magazine’s website entitled, Why Every Busy Woman Should try Acupuncture. I knew I had to share this piece with all of you.

Generally, we are the quintessential type-A women, running around New York City trying to accomplish a million tasks in one day.  As you will read, Renee Woodruff decided to try acupuncture without seeking treatment for a particular condition.  To her surprise, treatment helped in managing stress and anxiety, as well as in improving general health & well being.  She describes how, during her acupuncture sessions, she was able to “shut off, relax, and be present in the moment.”  I know we can all benefit from a little balance and slowing down. Enjoy!

Recently, we had the great fortune of having photographer, Esther Horvarth, visit Five Seasons. She is currently a student of the International Center of Photography and was interested in documenting the inner workings of an acupuncture office. We were so glad she chose us and produced some gorgeous photos as a result. Thank you all for your cooperation.


You can view Esther’s website here.

Thanks, Esther!

I have noticed recently that there has been an overwhelming amount of information in the news, in both Eastern and Western Medicine reports, on the controversial nature of PSA testing in regards to men’s health.  PSA, or prostate specific antigen, is the protein produced by prostate cells, and the main screening agent for prostate cancer. While there are reasons why PSA levels can elevate that don’t necessarily mean that a man has prostate cancer, including prostate infections (prostatitis), urinary tract infections, and frequent bike riding, it is important to know all the facts. (For more information on PSA, check out this New York Times article.)

After the age of 40, men’s vital energy in the kidney system decreases, resulting in a disturbance of the sex hormones. Whether you are considering PSA testing or have already been evaluated, Traditional Chinese Medicine may be of help. Click here for more information on acupuncture for prostate health.


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Ever feel blue?

Or been so enraged you actually saw red?

There’s a reason for the abundance of color cliches in our language. Color and emotions are closely tied together, and one has a very powerful influence over the other. However, you can opt to be less passive in your connection, and take a stronger stance in how color influences your life just by learning what a shade can do to your mental state.

From a very young age, children express connections with their colors. In America, brighter colors put them in a happier place, whereas darkness tends to make children feel frightened, or sad. However in other countries, white can mean death, and children will catch on to such social standards and associate their emotions accordingly. As we age, we grow less and less aware of our connections, but the power in hues still stands. Studies show that during the winter, wearing brighter colors can actually lift away the winter blues. On a more corporate scale, fashion powerhouse Norma Kamali famously banned the color black by her employees, as she found the overuse of the color by fashionistas was causing a death to inspirational thinking.