Acupuncture at Wal-Mart

After the implementation in February 2008 of in-store health clinics in Atlanta, Little Rock and Dallas under “The Clinic at Wal-Mart” brand, Wal-Mart has set its sights on the holistic health market with the opening of Wal-Mart Community Acupuncture clinics in several of its major urban centers across America.

Said Wal-Mart Senior Vice President and president, health and wellness Dr. John Agwaunobi, “Chinese medicine and pharmacology are a great treasure house and efforts should be made to increase both access and affordability, which seem to go hand in hand.”

Many acupuncturists have been eager to participate. Some plans for the project include immediate availability of acupuncture to “massive and unreachable markets of patients, free education for acupuncture students, jobs for failed private practice acupuncturists and the creation of new, guaranteed jobs for Wal-Mart trained acupuncturists.”

While the phrase “Wal-Mart trained acupuncturist” doesn’t exactly make me want to trek to the nearest of the 3800 Wal-Mart stores to try it out for myself, it is encouraging to see such a mainstream company embracing alternative medicine.

Read more about it here and feel free to visit the Five Seasons Healing website for more information about alternative medicine and local practitioners in the New York area.

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