Acupuncture Supports Reproductive Health

As someone who studies the impact and efficacy of health care providers, I was surprised to realize how little attention I paid to the quality of my own health care. That is, until I met Sharon Yeung. From the moment we met, I understood what a dynamic and productive relationship with a health provider can be. Her dedication to the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is evident in her bedside manner, the clarity of her diagnoses, and her commitment to follow up.

Sharon has a way about her. From her ready smile to her gentle yet firm touch, she exudes confidence and competence in her work. After seeing many gynecologists about concerns with my reproductive system, a friend recommended that I see Sharon. I procrastinated, thinking, what could acupuncture do for my problem?! After just a few sessions that included thorough conversations, acupuncture and herbal prescriptions, I knew that I was receiving a type of care that I would never have received from my gynecologist. I also know now, that this is part of how TCM works, but Sharon was able to give me a holistic picture of what was preventing my body from functioning in an optimal way. She trusted me to understand the complexity of the system which helped me to trust my own instincts about what might be happening. These are the kinds of relationships that are ideal in the health care setting. And I feel privileged to have found one for myself!

Surabhi K.
Bangalore, India

Welcome to Five Seasons Acupuncture and Herbs

Sharon Yeung MS, LAc and her associates at Five Seasons Healing in New York City offer acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, qi gong and lifestyle and nutritional counseling to treat all your health concerns.

Traditional Chinese medicine approaches the human body as part of the natural world and thus inextricably linked to natural cycles. When we eat peas in the spring and pumpkin in the fall, when we play under the sun in the summer and cozy up to a fire in the winter, we resonate with the earth’s natural rhythms and achieve a greater sense of health and well-being.

In Chinese medicine, each year is divided into five seasons—spring, summer, late summer, autumn, and winter. Just as different seasons call for different forms of care, so do the different seasons of our lives.

At Five Seasons Healing, Sharon Yeung MS, LAc, recognizes the distinct needs of all patients young and old. She uses the tools of Chinese medicine to restore harmony and balance to their lives.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be especially useful in treating a whole range of women’s health conditions and promote fertility, a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Sharon Yeung MS, LAc combines her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine with her training as a labor doula to offer the best possible care for her expecting patients.

For a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation or to book an appointment, please feel free to call 917.538.5755 or email info@fiveseasonshealing.com


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